Our PY4H initiative (Partnering with Youths for Health) strengthens the role of youths in improving health and development of disadvantaged rural/urban slum communities.  Click here to learn more about the PY4H​


Structured Giving Initiative

CHESIDS works in collaborative partnerships with social investors, individual and corporate philanthropists to make their missions more meaningful. 
Click here to learn more about the Structured Giving Initiative


​​Supporting health systems

Ending preventable sickness and death among women and children

Building resilient communities

Strengthening the role of youths in health and development

Centre for Health Systems Support and Initiatives for Development (CHESIDS) is a non-governmental organization (NGO) registered with Nigeria’s Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) as non-profit 


Delivering through Collaborative Partnerships

We believe in the potency of collaborative partnerships to deliver development initiatives

We believe in meaningful participation of beneficiaries in identifying needs, designing tailored interventions and in implementing the interventions.

Our primary partner in every intervention is the beneficiary group or community. 

Through collaborative partnerships, we offer diverse platforms to a range of social investors (individuals and organizations) seeking to deliver services to under-served groups/ communities in Nigeria

We take pride in: 

1) Placing resource-constrained and under-served communities and groups at the heart of what we do. Women and children are a priority

2) Leveraging collaborative partnerships to deliver results in strengthening health outcomes

3) Prioritizing sub-national initiatives and strengthening public health stewardship at sub-national levels to catalyse change at the front lines of care

We position health as a development issue.

We recognize the iterative links between health and socio-economic well being.

Consequently, we believe in deploying multi-sectoral approaches towards improving health outcomes. 

Women and Children are a priority.