Strengthening the role of youths in health and development

- Our PY4H initiative (Partnering with Youths for Health) strengthens the role of youths in improving health and development of disadvantaged rural/urban slum communities. 

​- PY4H deploys a structured approach to identify, mentor and equip youths to implement health/development activities at community front lines where they are most needed. 

- PY4H builds a pipeline of young people with entry-level field experience and skills to serve in Nigeria’s development sector. 

Ending preventable sickness and death among women and children

Our work:

- Reduces the number of children dying from preventable illnesses. 

- Reduces the number of women dying from conditions related to pregnancy and child bearing 

- Helps women and children receive the life-saving care they need irrespective of where they live

- By improving health outcomes, our work assists entire communities to be uplifted and become more resilient and economically productive 

Supporting the emergence of resilient and sustainable systems for health

Our work:

​- Facilitates human capacity development for public health leadership

- Elevates the use of data in designing/enhancing public health initiatives

- Strengthens the use of data in decision making by public health managers and leaders

- Supports the development of policies to guide the implementation of public health interventions

- Increases access to public health commodities and services at the front lines of care